Men Who Use Bromojis.

If you haven’t heard about Bromojis, maybe you have a dick. The latest emoji app to clutter the iPhone universe is not only telling of the alarming number of bros there are in the world (and Williamsburg area), but also just how easy it is for “men” to capitalize on a bro’s willingness to waste money.

Pertinent to the bro

Pertinent to the bro

Invented by four Williamsburg denizens, in fact, it’s only fitting that the quartet would see directly into the mind of a bro by incorporating phrases like, “Bro, what’s ur sister’s number?” and a simple “Blow me.” To be sure, the app signals the tangible manifestation of a reversion to caveman speak. God or whoever help us all. The language of “men” continues to fulfill an Orwellian prophecy.

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