Men Who Only See Women As General Shapes.

It’s interesting that so many women concern themselves with their physical appearance to “men,” when, in truth,” the male mind is so rarely able to discern the specifics of what a dame actually looks like. Sure, they can detect her general shape and, if it’s pleasant (i.e. curves that aren’t too curvy, tits that aren’t too small), his “dick” will perk up. But beyond these crude sketchings, it doesn’t much matter what she looks like.

There's a reason Picasso painted women this way

There’s a reason Picasso painted women this way

This is often why when a woman makes either a subtle or dramatic change, a “man’s” reaction tends to possess the extremes of 1) not noticing or 2) being so “duped” by the different look that he hardly recognizes her at all. For you see, to a “man,” a shape is a shape. But the beauty and fashion industry really don’t want you to know this.

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