Men With Color Tattoos.

While it’s not really acceptable for any gender to have a color tattoo, it’s particularly egregious when a “man” cultivates this aesthetic. A woman is more capable of getting away with it, because at least her skin is smooth and hairless enough to make the look of color appear less jank. A “man,” on the other hand, simply looks like he’s walking around with blobs of amorphous ink on his body.

Sex appeal diminished

Sex appeal diminished

A “man’s” decision to choose color over black and white naturally signals some sort of dickless tendencies, as most “men” worth their weight in masculinity would not require the pomp and circumstance of a tattoo with a colorful flourish. In the case for machismo, it has to be said that black and white is all there is. Especially if the “man” in question is getting a flower tattoo.

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