Men Who Can’t Get Past the Introduction/Mute Men.

Many “men” of this generation have trouble forming sentences or carrying on a conversation at any length past the three minute mark (a personal best). This could be due to the common theories of too much extended time staring at various screens for video game or porn purposes or simply because grunting is their most effective means of communication.

Even Jesus can't cure the muteness happening in Williamsburg

Even Jesus can’t cure the muteness happening in Williamsburg

Some “men” may argue that they’re so quiet because women are so loud, sucking up all the air out of the room with their constant chatter, but this just isn’t the truth. Though admittedly, the wives of Williamsburg do love to prattle on about the latest garment they just bought or the chicest new restaurant they ate at. Be that as it may, the reason women feel compelled to be so verbose is a direct result of a “man’s” conversational ability rivaling that of a dullard’s. So if you really want to get a lady wet, start talking. But don’t bloviate. In that case, you might as well just blow.


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