Men Who Fetishize Asian Women.

Asian women. Perhaps the most fetishized ethnicity of female known to the planet. Especially the insulated planet that is New York. For whatever reason–thinness, complexion, so-called “subservience”–white “men” adore them. And no, it’s rare that anything about the brain is alluded to when mentioning an Asian woman, so much as, well, the pussy. But note that you’ll never see a white woman with an Asian “man,” and if you do, please take a picture and start a Tumblr.

While racial fetishism of any kind is rather weird, disgusting and kind of deplorable, the level with which white “men” in particular salivate over Asian women truly takes the mooncake. It doesn’t help when certain–not all, for the court records–Asian women pander to the stereotype white “men” want them to fulfill for their own benefit, usually financial. Then again, who can blame a bia for using this bizarre form of sexual discrimination to her advantage? Of turning the white “man’s” foolhardy obsession and wielding it against him for her own self-interested purposes.

Missing A Dick isn’t saying that true love between a white “man” and an Asian woman can’t exist (if true love exists at all) or that there are always impure motives behind it on both sides, but, you know, it’s a historical pattern that tends to speak for itself.


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