Men Who You’ve Banged That Ignore You in A Confined Public Space.

One-night stands are an understandable source of discomfort when it comes to cultivating a special form of awkwardness upon reencountering the “man” in question in public. But those few “men” who you’ve had fairly long-term relations with (by New York standards, which is two to three months) and then run into later on down the road post-demise really have no business making matters even more awkward by choosing to ignore you full-stop.

And sure, while he might be in the company of another woman (probably Asian and nothing like your loca ass), it doesn’t mean he should pretend that your time together never happened, that you are but another random stranger in the endless sea of NYC denizens. After all, he was inside you. Some people still tend to think that’s about as intimate as you can get. Then again, maybe he wasn’t even aware he was inside you as a result of his dick being but a phantom. Which is more challenging to ignore than any woman.







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