Men Who Lead You to Sexually Identify As Crying.

Women are relatively forgiving and resilient beings. Just as a pussy can take a pounding, so, too, can a woman’s psyche. And yet, there are still only so many times a female can endure the suffering inflicted upon her by “men” that would prefer to “be free” or “explore other options” in his arsenal of potential fucks masquerading as semi-permanent girlfriends.

It’s true that some women take an emotional beating more frequently than others–something in one person’s chemistry perhaps making her more throw awayable than another. Or maybe some women simply come across as aloof and detached enough to withstand the pummeling of being used, abused and subsequently ghosted. Who knows, really? It could merely be like Carrie Bradshaw said: that some women are Katie girls (as in Barbra Streisand from The Way We Were) and some women are simple girls. And the simple girls are the ones who can maintain a hetero level of sexuality while the Katie girls are inevitably led to sexually identify primarily as crying. Tissues are the condoms of the teardropsexuals. And on the plus side, cotton feels so much better on the skin than latex.

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