Men Who Obliterate Baoburg, Ramen Yebisu and Chai Thai.

It is evident at this juncture that very few restaurants are held dear in Williamsburg (just look what became of Wild Ginger). But for a single real estate company to obliterate three if not delicious at least semi-decent eateries is more than a bit extreme.

Struggling to stay afloat amid construction

Struggling to stay afloat amid construction

Not only is a par and affordable place for a non-condo dweller hard to come by unless he succumbs to the cheap charms of Joe’s Pizza (where once the Syn Lounge used to reside), but it’s also damn near impossible to not feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when one tries his hand at a place like Traif on South 4th Street. And then, even when there are food joints with ambience and an aesthetic suited to your comfort level (e.g. Pies ‘n’ Thighs), it’s still somehow obscenely overpriced. Thus, for Thor Equities to take away such a trifecta of affordability and approachability from Williamsburg is, indeed, exhibitive of a dick that’s not there, and wants to take your moderately priced food options away.


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