Men Who Are Upset About Not Being Able to Watch Game of Thrones at Videology Anymore.

In Williamsburg, it’s very important to see and be seen. I suppose that’s part of the appeal for some “men” to frequent Videology in order to watch Game of Thrones when they could just as well wait until the next goddamn morning to watch it on the internet.

Apparently not

Apparently not

But alas, Videology has been singled out by the HBO corporation for showing one of its properties in a public place. This abrupt cutting off of the Williamsburg “man’s” metaphorical dick by cutting off his Game of Thrones supply may lead to all-out warfare on the streets of Bedford. Other bars that still show the adapted series are liable to start competing hard to curry favor with the displaced Videology crowd. This might include the offer of free salted artisanal nuts with every craft beer ordered, as well as bartenders dressed like Daenerys Targaryen.

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