Men: What Is It With Them?

“Men,” for all intents and purposes, are auxiliary components set against the backdrop of women. Their muted, uniform personality is always far less interesting and complex than a woman’s. That’s why it’s so unclear as to why they have this strange, unfounded belief that they are the superior gender.
"Men" should be seen and not heard--or maybe not even seen in this case

“Men” should be seen and not heard–or maybe not even seen in this case

As stated previously on Missing A Dick, this is by no means to say that women are without their folly and annoying qualities (see: critical essay “Every Woman Is Madame Bovary” in The Opiate). However, “men” need to seriously check themselves if they think they have anything to offer other than money and, if they’re lucky, an orgasm. I mean, what is it with them? Why do they think they’re so incredible when they barely even have the capacity to form a coherent sentence most of the time?

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