Men Who Urge “Check Out My YouTube Channel.”

There are a lot of ways to impress a woman. Expressing an interest in books and films, casually mentioning you just came into an inheritance, tripping and falling so that your huge dick pops out of your zipper, etc. But one of the ways that is not effective is urging, “Check out my YouTube channel.”

For one, any “man” who feels the need to bring this to light is clearly trying and failing at being famous (a common epidemic among the North Brooklyn population) and for another, the last thing any female wants to see is how willing you are to prostrate yourself before “millions” (but really tens) of strangers. It probably means you have a Tinder profile and will inevitably go on it in front of her.

And then, of course, there is the level of braggadocio it requires for a “man” to make such a declaration. Whenever this occurs, his need to talk himself up is almost always compensating for his lack of a dique. Thus the formula, no YouTube channel = presence of puh-neese, can be applied to the majority of situations.

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