Men Who Use Their Kids As Part of Their Pickup Line.

I don’t know about you, but when a “man” says to me, “Hey baby, I’m looking for a mother for my kid,” as I walk past him, I not only feel sorry for the child being used as a pawn in the “man’s” ploy for sex, but I also feel very unclear as to how anyone would think becoming a mother could possibly have any appeal, especially from a sensual standpoint.

Not really doing it for me

Not really doing it for me

The entire art of making a woman feel attractive is to stray away from the notion of motherhood. Because, as we all know, once you reach this point in your life, it’s just a downhill roller coaster into becoming seen as rotten fruit. I mean, I know Madonna is working really hard for all of us right now to change this perception, but the public at large has a long way to go before it considers older women more beautiful–or as beautiful as–young ones. So why not just stick to, “I can see myself in your pants,” for the time being?

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