Men Who Throw Salt Shakers At “Privilege” Bitches.

Because New York persists in becoming increasingly like the plot of J.G. Ballard’s High-Rise, the undercurrent of class-related jealousies continue to crop up in the most unlikely of ways–the latest being a subtle homage to the Ying Yang Twins in that a “man” felt compelled to heave a salt shaker at a 23-year-old girl standing outside of the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg.

Granted, the ilk that gravitates there isn’t exactly aware of “the struggle” as fully as others. Yet, surely they must be mildly desperate if they’re trying to get a free pizza with their drink. The “man” in question was not identified with ethnicity, though, suffice it to say, he probably had it in for white girls “peppering” the neighborhood, perhaps lending some intentional poetry to his weapon choice.

His use of the derogatory phrase, “privilege bitch” instead of “privileged bitch” also indicates that maybe if he had a little bit more fucking education he would 1) know how to properly insult someone and 2) wouldn’t be so goddamn uppity about his station in life. “Men” don’t throw salt shakers at women, they use them to season the elegant meal they’ve prepared for them in their condo.