Men & HSP.

In the days of the early to mid twentieth century (and, of course, all the centuries before), “men” seemed more capable of swallowing any of the unpleasant “emotional problems” that were bothering them in order to carry forth with whatever task du jour needed to be performed (fucking included). Now, with the approved, near government-sanctioned state of lily-liveredness allowed to run amok, psychology has permitted “men” to use the excuse of being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) a.k.a. someone with hypersensitivity.

This concept, highly accommodating and somewhat hypocritical considering how often “men” make fun of women for being overly touchy (see: the cliche joke, “You on your period or something?”), is just the tip of the iceberg for allowing “men” to get away with essentially any douchebag behavior they want. He’s too sensitive to something you’ve said? It’s time for him to ghost (then probably pretend he never did anything wrong by inviting you to an event on Facebook). He’s offended by the loud sound of your burp? Time for him to cut and run. There is a point where psychology as it relates to “males,” more than anything, is designed to compartmentalize in a way that completely eradicates culpability. Where the fuck is Freud when you need him to get back to basics? You’re not hypersensitive. You’re a fucking coward.

Men Who Don’t Listen to Female Surf Rock

It’s widely known that male surf rock is far less masculine than female surf rock. That’s why it seems incongruous to me that most dudes don’t fuck with all-girl bands of this genre. The likes of Bleached, Best Coast, The Donnas and The’s possess far more of an angry edge than, say, The Beach Boys or even Wavves. And yet, “men” in Williamsburg who are so fond of this musical form are remiss in owning an album from one of the aforementioned.

Even though listening to surf rock in general is already pretty effeminate, there’s a more rough-hewn edge to “men” who also incorporate female vocalists into their rotation as well. The dickless of Wburg would do well to remember that at their next listening party.