Men Who Take Pictures of Their Girlfriends “At” BLM Protests.

“Men,” of course, have never been a very astute lot. Critical thinking isn’t where they thrive. Nor do they in much of anything else, if we’re speaking frankly. Except, that is, in the art of dutifully taking pictures and videos of their girlfriends when asked to. No matter how overtly inappropriate the context is to anyone with some semblance of objectivity. Yet because everything is “subjective” to the so-called social media “influencer”–generally a white female with a fitness “angle”–she perhaps can’t see that posing in front of a broken window fresh from looting/a police scuffle or making sure to be seen in front of a backdrop of protesters she just happens to be passing by (but is not actually in any way part of) so that she can feel like she’s “participated” in the movement is in, to put it mildly, poor taste. 

However, her “boy”friend is almost on a worse level than she is. For as it is said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good ‘men’ to do nothing.” In this case, that good “man” taking the photo for his shrew of a girlfriend seems not to exist. Is a mere vessel for her bidding. He knows not what he does, apparently, as he lives to serve as her willing accomplice to whatever kind of video or photo shoot she wants. One supposes he feels it’s the least he can do in exchange for some occasional pussy, the height of white people kink being to turn her over and bang her from the back. Such scenes, naturally, are what keep his eyes on the prize as he adheres to her request to get the perfect shot of her appearing to help board up a business with broken windows or joining in the march with a token sign featuring a generic message.

He himself cares as little as she does about the cause at hand. He’s in it for his own aims, just as she is to make it seem as though she’s relevant at a time when white people are clinging more tightly than ever to any sort of “dominance” in the media realm. Possibly among the few white “men” accepting their obsoletism–their expected subservience in the twenty-first century–the “boy”friend of the “influencer” simply can’t care about his own dastardly role in the whole production. And yet, if one is type of “man” content to be with the woman posing as a do-gooder in the BLM cause, then he can only anticipate reaping what he sows– which is taking a lot of fucking phony baloney pictures as a way to ensure semi-regular sex.