Men Who Only Cut You Off The Closer You Try to Get.

Morrissey once claimed, “The more you ignore me, the closer I get.” Maybe he had never dealt with a “heterosexual” “man” (but who am I kidding, that’s all he’s dealt with in his lust at its most unfulfilled). The more a “man” ignores a woman these days, the more she wants to establish herself into his emotional ether, only spurring his reflexive desire to run in the other direction from any girl who comes across as too earnest, interested and otherwise into it.

She can attempt to transcend all of his boundaries and barriers, doing things she never thought herself capable of (like feigning an interest in nature or something), but it won’t mean anything to the “man” she seeks to pin down. As a matter of point, he’ll only respect her less in the process of continuing to cut the cord she’s so insistent binds them together. But he just looks so desirable over there on the other side, creating the space between them that demarcates unattainability.