Men Who Still Try to Troll For Pussy Past 1 a.m.

There is a certain kind of “man” who refuses to give up the ghost of his potential for sex while trolling the bar Monday through Sunday. No matter how late it gets and, thusly, how significantly the potential for taking someone home with him dwindles, he still can’t seem to apprehend that he is leaving the bar alone.

Donny boy is just the type of "man" to troll past 1 a.m.--good looks or not

Donny boy is just the type of “man” to troll past 1 a.m.–good looks or not

He will ignore all attempts at sustaining any form of dignity by leering, slurring and offering to buy drinks to any woman who looks vulnerable enough to take the bait. But, truth be told, the type of “man” who is willing to opt for the type of woman leftover by the time last call rolls around is probably finding his soul mate–for the night. Particularly at Lucky Dog.

Men Who Troll Both Easter and Passover Functions.

For ages, religion has been used as a secret means for trolling. This year, the rare overlapping of Easter and Passover has provided ample fodder for multiple parties celebrating different spiritual tenets with the undercover purpose of meeting someone new, and fucking them. Being that New York in general and (South) Williamsburg in particular has plenty of Jewish people to offer, the intermixing of Easter with this eight-day long holiday has supplied a number of trolling opportunities, all on the same weekend.



Regardless of the temptation a “man” feels to ignore the sacrosanct nature (even though it’s all bull shit, you should at least respect that other people take it seriously) of each of these events and instead use them as a means to pick up women, you will always feel a tinge of compunction knowing you lured a woman to your boudoir under false pretenses. Unless, of course, you’re a John Wayne Gacy type, luring people to your basement.