Men Who Dub Women Bitches for the Mere Expression of An Opinion.

No matter how quote unquote far away we get from sexism, the fact is, a “man” will always be able to instantaneously lash a woman verbally by dubbing her a bitch if she says anything that he construes as too opinionated.

For as simple and cliche of an insult as it is, it consistently proves to be effective in cutting a female down to size. Although women have done their best to appropriate the B word much the way black people have done with the derisive N word (e.g. “bad bitch,” “hey bitch,” “betch,” etc.), the fact remains that the none too pleasant epithet is the best bet a “man” has for demeaning a woman he wants to quell. Particularly if he adds the adjective “raging” in front of it.

In an ideal world, a non-dickless “man” would genuinely listen to what a woman was saying, respond with a thoughtful counterpoint that didn’t make her feel like shit and not resort to calling her a name in order to make her seem like she’s being overly “emotional” or “angry” in expressing an opinion that is antithetical to what he thinks. But then, if this were an ideal world, there wouldn’t be a condo & corporate explosion in Williamsburg.