Men Who Use How About We Like It’s Not the Most Embarrassing Thing Ever.

While OKCupid is pretty embarrassing (as we’ve discussed before), it can’t compare to the utter shame I feel for men who freely use How About We and propose gay (in the purest sense of the word) date ideas like going to Berry Park and listening to some bull shit DJ. It’s a very unabashed form of wanton behavior that also showcases how banal your interests are.

And while women should be equally as ashamed to partake of this service, it is somewhat expected for them to be on this level of desperation considering the unfathomable female to male ratio in New York. Because men in Williamsburg are undercover lazy, How About We (based in nearby Dumbo) is a way for them to prove how smart, attentive and considerate they are. But really, it’s just a more elaborate way to procure some vagina for the night.

Men Who Use OKCupid Seriously.

OKCupid as a concept is already rather comical, though somewhat understandable for a generation of lazies who can’t be bothered with a real encounter. But when men actually use OKCupid in the hope of piecing together a “genuine” relationship, well, it’s just quite sad. To think that the girl you’re going out with is doing so for anything other than a free dinner is not just naive, but perhaps a sign that you’re a dullard. Although Williamsburg is getting to the point where it’s so edgeless that eHarmony is probably to become the more frequently used dating website than OKCupid, it’s important for dickless men to know that they’re being taken advantage of for their pockets. So just get a pocket pussy instead.