Men 18-25.

A lot of women like themselves some good 18 to 25 dick. But the only penis you’ll get in this age bracket is a small lump in the genital area. This type of “male” or, rather, some hybrid breed that has not yet become a “man,” has a tendency to listen to indie rock and wear skinny jeans. Of course, certain Williamsburg residents over the age of 25 also do this, but that’s an entirely different subject to address.

The 18-25 year old man

The 18-25 year old man

The body, opinions and personality of the 18 to 25 year old man are so unformed, so utterly inconstant and based on very little other than porn, video games, beer and pop culture featuring titties. If you want to at least try for someone with a dick, avoid the 18 to 25 demographic like the plague. Especially if they’re already living in Williamsburg, which means they probably haven’t worked very hard to do so.

Men Who Date Ethnic Women To Compensate for A Lack of Personality/Because They’re Too Vanilla.

It’s generally evident that “men” who live in Williamsburg have money, be it theirs or their parents’. What this usually means is that they’ve relied on a steady cash flow as about 95% of their personality makeup. So how does the dickless man remedy/overcompensate for being totally vanilla soft serve? By dating outside of his race.

A white man's ticket out of Dullsville

A white man’s ticket out of Dullsville

I’m not saying that a man can’t genuinely be attracted to a woman from a disparate background, but I’m saying that the attraction is typically 75% based on novelty. Williamsburg provides the perfect outlet for a rich white man to find an ethnic woman (this especially includes Europeans and Brazilians), as the exotic types tend to be the only ones you see dancing at Output or Bembe. However, the only “man” who has pulled off the interracial dating thing with class is David Bowie. He obviously doesn’t live in Williamsburg.