Men Who Favor the Finger Bang.

While those with large hands (and not the odious small kind that are lacking the potential for ten extra dicks) might have a strange tendency to┬ádisplay a predilection for┬áthe finger bang in bed, there’s something to be said for the “man” who overly prefers sticking his fingers into a generally private orifice. It tells you either 1) he is insecure about using his actual puh-neese or 2) he probably secretly hates women and wants to stamp their pussy out into oblivion with his fingers.

On the one “hand,” sure, it might initially come across as a nice gesture (literally) for a “man” to be so seemingly concerned with your ability to cum that he’s willing to drive himself to the point of near carpal tunnel. But what is actually going on is rarely so cut and dried (unlike your presumably damp vag). In truth, the psychosis behind the “man” who favors the finger bang is far more disturbing, because, yes, there is a large part of him that wants to go all Patrick Bateman on it.