Men Who Think They Have To Fuck Every Female They Meet.

The trouble with Williamsburg’s female to “male” ratio isn’t just that it promotes trolling for pussy past 1 a.m., but also that it fosters the notion that “men” have to fuck every woman they meet. This phenomenon, presented succinctly by Dr. Melfi to Tony Soprano, is a sad elucidation of the male mind being run by an appendage that’s barely there.


A “man” who mistakenly thinks these women want to fuck him, and that he should fuck them all

I get that, with “men,” women are like cereal box prizes and they think they have to collect them all, but, ultimately, only one of the prizes is worth having–unfortunately by the time “men” have this revelation, they’ve already contracted every STD under the pubic hair (in large part thanks to the clientele that congregates at Verboten). So next time you see a group of women walking down Bedford Avenue, remind yourself to hone in on just one of them. You don’t have to fuck everyone. Freddie Mercury already did.

Men Who Are Intimidated by Carmela Soprano Types.

Carmela Soprano once said, “If I had an ounce of self-respect, I’d cut your dick off.” This statement obviously does not apply to you as you are not Tony Soprano and most likely don’t have a dick to cut off. But the fact that dickless “men” are generally intimidated by an imposing, expressive woman like Carmela is telling not only of a certain callowness, but also an inability to “handle” a “strong-minded” female.



Apart from “men’s” overwhelming fear of women who look to Lorena Bobbitt or Left-Eye as an inspiration, their wariness of decisive, self-assured types comes from their own realization that, apart from their dick (which they don’t have), they don’t really have anything to bring to the table (Carmela’s already got that covered anyway with her baked ziti).