Men Who Ride Hoverboards & Are Not Marty McFly.

When taking into account that a hoverboard is basically a worse, more annoying version of the skateboard, it’s difficult to imagine that any “man” would want to subject himself to the embarrassment of using one. Then again, just look at the “men” who skateboard freely–it’s merely a more grandiose extension of that.

And while the very notion of a hoverboard was immortalized by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) back in 1989 with Back to the Future II, it seems as though it couldn’t catch on until the peak douche bag levels of this century called the twenty-first. And, in spite of being banned on the subway, the MTA is hardly capable of preventing anything horrendous from happening on their trains, let alone in the world of the aboveground, where all around us “men” hover just so, their dicks barely within our reach.