Men Who Lack Cross-Gender Empathy With Regard to Media Consumption.

Cross-gender–not to be confused solely with cross-dressing or being transgender–empathy is the simple ability for someone–a “man”–to put himself in the place of another person that is not technically packing a dick (though probably has more of a dick than most cisgender “men” of the moment). This propensity is usually most helpful when contributing to what the powers that be funnel into mainstream society, specifically within the realm of film and television.

If the suits in charge see that “men” continue to be non-amenable to the vision of women in roles that usually only generally “befit” a “man,” of course they’re going to find no monetarily profitable reason to change the tired “male”-oriented formula. As Emma Watson pointed out, it’s harder for “men” to relate to genders and walks of life that aren’t straightforwardly “male.” This is, one supposes, why they sit there with their mouths agape upon seeing a woman onscreen who isn’t being objectified or melodramatic. And, in general, “men” only tend to see women as melodramatic in their comportment because they react so little themselves to emotional trauma. You’re not gonna see them pull a Jasmine Francis on a park bench in most cases.

Men Who Think Williamsburg is Hollywood.

Just when you’re certain Williamsburg gentrification is totally complete, you’ll see a “man” who looks like he just stepped stepped off a private plane from Los Angeles. Whether he’s a trust fund baby or someone who just came into some money and decided to become a producer, his aesthetic gives him completely away.

Just another night in the new Williamsburg.

Just another night in the new Williamsburg.

You may encounter this person on the street or at a bar with mahogany wood paneling throughout. But make no mistake, you will encounter him at some point during your stint in Williamsburg. If you’re attractive enough, he might even remove his sunglasses and start to chat you up. But if you’re not his cup o’ tea, you’ll never get that extra job you’ve been searching for.