Men Who Ghost You Then Invite You To An Event on Facebook Months Later.

Ghosting is hands down the most dickish (in spite of being allusive to not having a dick), cowardly move a “man” can make on the interpersonal relationship front. However, once he decides to go through with it, it’s very important that he sticks to the sociopathic choice. There shall be no recycling allowed.

And yet, for whatever reason, there are occasions for a “man” to fuck up (every second of the day is an occasion for them, really) and “mistakenly” invite you to one of their “events” on Facebook. But honestly, there are no mistakes when it comes to these invites, for what kind of non-discerning asshole clicks the Invite All button on this sort of thing? Everyone knows they must sift through their list of contacts (ultimately, people on Facebook are contacts, not friends) to ensure that no unwanted demons from the past are unburied.

Thus, for the ghosting “man” to attempt summoning you to one of his shitty performances, be they comedic, musical or otherwise, as a soft-dicked method to “feel out” your sentiments toward him is utterly vile. You wanted to disappear, so fucking stay that way.

Men Who Are Ghosts.

There is a pandemic among “men”: they ultimately seem to become ghosts, particularly if you reveal too much about yourself all at once. Your person must be doled out like bread crumbs, slowly and just enough to leave him wanting to follow you to the next one. But for the woman who likes to fire the shotgun of her crazy all at once, the “man” of her current interest tends to transform into an apparition.

Even little boys have a tendency to become ghosts if you bore them enough

Even little boys have a tendency to become ghosts if you bore them enough

Where once he was present, interested in your day-to-day existence, you suddenly start to notice his body has faded away, you can no longer seem to see or find him (this includes, of course, his dick as well). So do you call Whoopi for help or simply wait for your ghost to briefly turn back into Devon Sawa again (yes, the plots of Casper and Ghost are easily interchangeable)? Both options are unlikely, and you might be better off accepting your fate as Demi Moore in the role of Molly Jensen, watching her “man” disappear into the light in the end.