Men Who Call You Like A Dog.

I don’t really know where “men” got this notion that making noises at women as they walk by is conducive to getting a resounding, “Yes, I’ll fuck you!” in return. Maybe it stems from their lack of conversation skills or their general animalistic nature. Like so many things involving getting to the root of the male psyche, it’s a mystery.

Don't holla at yo girl

Don’t holla at yo girl

Perhaps a synapse in their brain just explodes when they see something they want to fuck and they can’t control themselves, acting like a dog as they call you like one. Though this tends to be rare during the daytime in Williamsburg, when all the “polite society” is still out with their strollers, the vibe tends to change at night. With the fall of the darkness comes the fall of the veneer of being decorous. “Men” feel comfortable calling out to your like you’re their goddamn domestic animal. But it’s okay, because you’re only going to keep walking away, leaving them to feel foolish in their attempts. Then again, we are dealing with the dickless sort, so they may not know what it means to be ashamed about anything.