Men Who Build Up Friendship Harems.

While it’s all very noble or something to attempt to commingle the sexes in a platonic manner for this generation’s sick need to disprove the thesis statement of When Harry Met Sally, it gets to a point of parody when “men” have so many female friends that it starts to look vaguely like a harem of vestal hens just hoping to pounce on the rooster at the center of it all when his guard is down. But it’s not their fault for feeling this way. It’s only natural to start to catch feelings for someone you share an emotional and intellectual connection with.

Ergo, the “man” who, for whatever psychologically fucked up reason, decides to frame his universe solely with women as though to make one giant cluster of a super female to probably sub in for his mother or some such cliche, is really only doing them all a disservice in serving himself. Maybe he thinks he can learn something about how to treat his eventual girlfriend if he spends enough time among the vages. Or maybe, he, too, thinks that most “men” are missing a dick and simply can’t be around them. It’s too much faux alpha “male” energy. But if that’s the case, he really ought to just get a sex change. It’s not like his penis is doing any woman any good by not sticking it in one of them. Nobody likes a pussy tease, for fuck’s sake.



  1. Interesting post. You have to understand that girls can be the exact same. I recently dated a girl who insisted on maintaining platonic relationships with guys that liked her (and had confessed this to her). Even when I was in a relationship with her she couldn’t help but meet them for coffee or go to the beach or whatever. I spent hours driving myself crazy about it. I used to dismiss it as my own insecurities. But when you sit down for lunch with your girl and the first 3 things she talks about is 3 stories about 3 different guy friends, all of whom have confessed liking her, it can make you feel a bit shit. One of the guys she’d even made out with a few times before we got together. I brought this up with her and ended up apologising for being insecure as I should ‘trust’ her. But was it my problem? Or was it her problem? Does she have some deep rooted male attention problem. She’s insisted on keeping in touch with me since we finished and she occasionally sends selfish messages complaining about not having a boyfriend and a multitude of other suggestive texts. She’s sent me texts asking whether “it was all an act” because she saw I was having fun on social media, despite her constantly posting all the cool stuff she’s doing. She’s even been on a date or 2 with her previous ex despite admitting he has feelings but it’s only physical for her. She always said she wasn’t fragile and was very sure of herself, but I’ve questioned that a lot. She always made me feel like I was the insecure one. But maybe I wasn’t insecure, maybe I was just putting up with shit. This need for male attention seems plausible – there’s countless more examples. She seems to like to keep guys on strings. Anyway sorry for the rant haha. Just know that whilst guys can be dicks, girls can be vaginas too. They key is to not let the behaviour of others affect your emotions.

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