Men Who Get Away With Rape.

It’s bad enough when a “man” rapes. But, in many respects, what almost makes it worse is the fact that he knows, as our culture and society make evident time and time again, that he’s going to be able to get away with it. It’s liable to cause a bit of controversy, a slight amount of damage to his reputation at first, sure. But, at the end of the barrage of “overblown accusations,” he knows all too well that the woman will end up looking like the fool for even reporting anything to begin with.

In the endless game of “he said, she said,” evidence seems to be irrelevant, with the “man’s” word and often legal counsel (because, yes, rapists of the rich kind are especially “ballsy” in their sexual conduct when fully aware they can just hire a lawyer if the woman gets too “mouthy”) consistently triumphing in the end. And in his own self-applied delusions, the rapist in question genuinely believes he did no wrong. Then again, why would he be led to when the public at large is so nonchalant in inflicting any form of comeuppance–even something as minimal as shame (of which there doesn’t even appear to be any when it comes to enjoying golden showers)?












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