Men Who Think Saying “You’re Not Like Most Girls” is Complimentary.

Because it is naturally ingrained in women to pit themselves against one another, one of the long-held complimentary cliches “men” have used as a means to “flatter” is: “You’re not like most girls.” Ah, how touching. How truly affected of you to think that by telling me I’m not like my own “silly” gender, I would swoon for you, feel so special that you could see me as something (certainly not someone) more. Thank god I managed to convince you that I’m not like most girls, so frivolous and squawking. That I’ve managed to keep quiet and monotone enough to for you to feel unattacked by me.

Or maybe that I like video games (I don’t, unless you’re speaking of the seminal Lana Del Rey song), that I’m “one of the ‘boys.'” Thank baby J for Hailee Steinfeld’s “Most Girls,” here to shut down the myth that women want to set themselves apart from one another in order to be in the running for finagling of the biggest “dick” (if only in personality). Nonetheless, even the presence of this song in the canon of pop is likely not going to stop many a “man” from continuing to persist in his belief that women want to feel “plucked” from the sea of sameness by them. All “men,” in truth, are like each other, after all: still wanting somehow to rescue if only for the brief novelty of doing so before he throws a girl off the horse.

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