Men Who Need Their Mother to Assure Them That It’s The Woman Who’s Rejected Them That Has an Issue.

Mama’s “boys” are more powerfully inutile than a hanger without a hook in a back alley abortion. But a girl can forgive him his emotional crippledness if he at least has the presence of mind to understand that the reason she’s chosen to cast him out and/or ignore him is because she knows she will never–in his mind–be able to eclipse the greatness and importance of mommy dearest.

And yet, some “men” just can’t except that not every woman is going to be on board with the fucked up Bunny and Trey MacDougal dynamic for the sake of having a “dick” in her life. There are detached penises with far fewer emotional issues anyway. So worse than his inability to unlatch his boca from mother’s tit in both a literal and metaphorical way is his incognizance in understanding why a woman would abandon him so much so that he needs to converse with his matriarch about it for assurance. And she, enabling little sycophant that she is, will only insist that it was the girl with the issue, that she’s probably got a longstanding history of mental illness in her family–and really what kind of girl doesn’t value the parent-child relationship, huh? Is that really the kind of valueless whore he wants in his life?

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