Men Who Want You To Be Everything All the Time, Primarily Servile.

Once upon a time, “men” never expected more than the “standard” fare of women other than cooking, cleaning and ironing shirts. Then time went on, and some women made the mistake of rallying to get jobs that would permit them the same luxury of monotony as their husbands in the office. It was around this point that women’s rage began to intensify when they suddenly realized that now, not only were they expected to be the “man” of their choosing’s mother, but also the breadwinner, too.

And even though the evolution toward a sexless society seems evermore imminent–genderless acting and all–it doesn’t seem that the woman’s “role” is ever going to alter from being the giver–the everything to everyone, the peck me until I’m picked clean or too old to be valid sort. Because, yes, she’s secured her alleged equality, but it’s second class equality with the price of forfeiting the one thing that was ideal about being expected to be solely servile: not having to pretend that “men” still don’t, beneath it all, anticipate that the one he “loves” will be anything other than fawning over and submissive toward him. That she would never act in any way uncouth, whorish or otherwise non-“embarrassing.” For it is what she “gets” for wanting to be equal, right? At the core of the matter of these “latent” expectations “men” still have is that a girl can’t win without mostly losing. This is the thing.

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