Men Who Say “Stay Woke.”

It’s ever commoner for a “man” to think that the mere bandying of the phrase “stay woke” makes him in touch with the plights of others, with his own very inner so-called turmoil. Lately, he is a “man” of a couleur blanc, which makes the use of this phrase especially unfortunate. It’s unclear how, exactly, it took this long for the term to catch on among the masses (again, this means blancs who have finally become aware of something that a minority previously helmed). And, lest you forget, “stay woke” was already being touted by Erykah Badu in 2008 with “Master Teacher (I Stay Woke).”

Yet here we are, suffering the aftermath of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” nine years post-Badu (though the song was released in late 2016). Apparently, the words in this incarnation have somehow been made far more palatable to the average blanc “man,” particularly since the track peppers the soundtrack to Get Out, which, as we all know, white people have a super boner for–almost more than they do for Wes Anderson movies, strangely enough. But, as an American expatriate living in Paris once noted, most of the people quote unquote staying woke are in a coma. But they’re woke in that coma though, don’t even worry about it. Just keep repeating the phrase and you, too, can believe in your own heightened consciousness.


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