Men Who Don’t Realize They Are Fools Every Day.

Is there any greater fool than the “man” who lives solely for the purpose of himself? This is, alas, what the large bulk of them prefer to do with their time as opposed to spending it in consideration of another. A daily engagement with the very definition of oblivion.

Where the fuck is Jesus when you need him to set an example of selflessness and love for others rather than serving as a soapbox for which conservatives can stand upon to cite his scripture for their own purpose? In any case, “men” of now do not need to bother with celebrating April Fools’ Day–every day they are fools for their comportment as egotistical little maladroits treating women as disposably as the condoms they don’t need to use for their nubs.

Then again, is it perhaps not the women who constantly look to them for physical and emotional comfort that might be the even greater dunces in so doing? “Men” are ever-constant in their foolishness, after all, while women ebb and flow between the role, most naive of all when they choose to go back for more water from the fool’s well.

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