Men Who View The Female Body As Meat.

The female body is probably the most mysterious thing of all to a “man,” apart from the reason why he acts like such an erratic fuckhead all the time. And though it’s nice to handle a girl with a bit of roughness that’s been missing from the sanitized approach most “men” 18-25 take these days (it’s the internet, I tell you–it’s made them all so non-tactile), there’s nothing worse than a “man” who licks his lips at her body like she’s hanging from a hook in a butcher shop.

Like the numbered parts of a cow or pig, the woman, in many “men’s” minds, is divvied up by the parts he favors most. Some like the ass, some the tits and some are fucked up in their tastes and fetishes (like “guys” who want to shrimp). The contents within her–the mind–is of no consequence. It is the throwaway part that he would sooner use to make hot dogs. The leftovers that don’t draw in the eye or the salivation factor. But it’s true what they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Especially when viable ones are so rarely traceable in any human, “male,” female or otherwise.











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