Men Who Constantly Need to Be Brought Back Down to Earth (Let Them Fly Into the Abyss).

When one refers to the need for a “man” to be brought back down to earth, it usually means he’s either 1) delusional in his aspirations or 2) is utterly and obliviously vain and arrogant (Gaston-level in Beauty and the Beast). In rare and extremely unfortunate cases, he is both. In these instances, you’ve really only got yourself to blame for somehow getting wrangled into being his kite wielder. The person responsible for directing him when he inevitably gets led astray.

While you might not be able to help it–this need you have to attempt directing a “man” who can’t be “hemmed in”–it’s really best for all involved if you simply let go of the string that holds the kite tethering him to the earth. If he wants to fly like a bird, there’s more than likely no stopping his ass from doing so. Let him indulge in his fantasies of touching the sky, of reaching a place in the sun free of responsibilities and obligations to, of all things, a woman. In the end, he’ll deflate to the ground as readily as his “erection.”

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