Men Who Need a Calligraphed Invitation to Your Vag.


There is a saying, helmed by a dear friend of mine that goes, “You wanna get your dick wet or not?” This blunt demand is apparently necessary during these times of repressed masculinity. While, sure, our dinosaur of a white male president might indicate that there would be a bit more machismo running rampant, his presence has really only served to give rise to the millennial “male” fear of somehow coming across as anti-feminist. No one wants to be compared to the sort of “man” who “grab[s] her by the pussy.”

And yet, can’t there be a balance between being a totally disgusting and smarmy motherfucker and a “man” with the assurance and intuition to know when a woman is interested enough for him to “make the moves,” as they say? No, apparently not. Instead, like everything else in America, there is only extremes. The dainty, seemingly sexless “man” or the creepy rapist “guy” being the only options a woman is presented with. Either way, it can really hurt a girl’s self-esteem.

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