Men Who Are Not Learned/Men Who Are Faux Learned.

With this whole mongo-ification of the U.S. in place being solidified by the appointment the latest Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, it leaves one moment for pause to consider just how unpleasant it is when “men” aren’t learned. With the statistics favoring–even at the pre-DeVos point in time–a far higher rate of women attending college than “men,” it isn’t going to help already easily distracted “boys” under the power of a rather clueless-in-matters-of-public-school DeVos stay engaged enough or buy into the notion that being educated is useful when even the dumbest “man” can become president.

As DeVos’ out-of-touchness with how the other half lives will inevitably affect certain public school practices, it’s only natural that the parents of rich kids will continue to separate them out into private school and tutoring, thereby widening the gap between not just the bank accounts of rich and poor, but the brain power and resources between the two sects as well. Then again, there are many rich people who prove that money still can’t buy intelligence (much like taste). Nonetheless, the wealthy “men” that will be procured an education outside the limited bounds of what DeVos will offer in public school gives rise to a type of “man” even worse than a learned one–a faux learned one. Sure, he can spout Shakespeare’s sonnets at will, or utter a phrase or two in Latin, but at his core, he knows fuck-all, instead taking the superior education he was bequeathed by his parents as a given and then, in the end, getting a job at VICE or Complex like everyone else in media-happy Williamsburg. And as we all know, a public school education is preferred at both establishments anyway.




























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