Men Who Microdose.

At this point in time, the intake of any and every available drug for the purposes of numbing is rather understandable. What is not, however, is when “men” pussy (a derogatory term that should really be amended based on what we’ve seen highlighted at the Women’s March) out as they always do in the twenty-first century. Rather than go all or nothing, microdosing is the “functional” way to reap the benefits of drugs, usually and specifically LSD. Though, of course, weed is another favored object of microdosing–and even more absurd as its effects are best felt when on full blast.

One supposes the larger issue of dicklessness at hand with the concept is that it espouses a level of lily-liveredness that “men” of the twentieth century, particularly the brethren of the 1960s, did not showcase. It doesn’t seem likely that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band would have come to be on a microdose of acid. The point being, if you’re going to fucking do a drug, don’t do it to “function.” At least do it for your fucking so-called art, which probably hasn’t evolved since you moved to Williamsburg circa 2005 and you felt it still had the edge required to challenge your creativity pre-rezoning law.


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