Men Who Don’t Know How to Finesse the Bite.

I suppose I understand that biting is a way for “men” to express their not so latent contempt and distaste for women under the guise of it being “hot,” but if he truly feels the need to add this to the sexual deviancy menu, can he at least not leave behind a string of visible bruises?

Maybe it’s a way to subconsciously mark territory, I don’t know. Or maybe “men” just have so little consideration for the delicacy of the female epidermis that they don’t care what happens to it–neither in the moment, nor after. The primary point, however, is: finesse your fucking bite. Don’t chow down on a girl’s skin like it’s a goddamn chicken leg because it ain’t. Treat it more like you’re nibbling on a very expensive piece of lingerie that you can’t cause a rip in or else the girl you’re biting will blow your fucking brains out.

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