Men Who Are Ungrateful When You Plan Your Life Around Them.

“Men” don’t have much appreciation for, well, really anything. For the most part, it’s just expected that things will pan out for them. That it will all simply “fall into place” one way or the other. So when a woman makes it known that she’s willing to “plan her life around” him a.k.a. simply be willing to compromise in a way that he’s not, he not only doesn’t respect her efforts to accommodate, but looks upon them as something to be thrown away like trash. How dreadful, after all, when someone gives a shit about you.

And yet, later on in life when a “man” realizes that he ain’t gonna find no other pussy half as willing to acquiesce to this level of sacrifice, he’ll suddenly remember back to that that one girl who was quote unquote ready to plan her life around him, and he’ll think to himself, “Oh fuck,” and then he’ll go on masturbating to the Asian fetish porn he’s pulled up on his screen. For, you see, being aloof when you’re youthful is easy, but trying to own it as an aging and increasingly creepy “man” rarely works. Or results in anything other than crumbs, sexually speaking.

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