Men Who Think They’re A Catch Just For Paying Their Own Rent.

“Men” of New York are all too aware of just how much easier they have it than women with regard to “securing” a person for the night, week or month. This is one of the reasons they know that merely paying for their own rent makes them “a catch” by the standards of this belittling-to-women town. They don’t even need to live alone for the female sex to respond to them, it’s just a matter of that small, basic responsibility of paying for one’s shelter.

And yet, “men” shouldn’t get so ahead of themselves in thinking they’re a prize for this extremely rudimentary act that most of us must subject ourselves to in order to remain aspiring what-have-yous in this relationship abyss. In many ways, the “men” who pat themselves on the back for not relying on their parents to afford a place to live are the most dickless of all–self-lauding themselves for something they should have been doing the moment they turned eighteen. But alas, the alternate dimension called North Brooklyn encourages even the most moderate of baby steps into adulthood.

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