Men Who Use the “I Wasn’t Good Enough For Her” Excuse As An Out.

As Billy Bob Thornton becomes more public in the wake of Bad Santa 2 and his new TV show, Goliath, it’s only natural he would go on an occasional blitzkrieg of self-promotion, one of the latest instances finding him exploring the nature of his relationship demise with Angelina Jolie. According to him, “I never felt good enough for her.” Bull fucking shit.

He further added that it was her quote unquote do-gooding and commitment to causes that made him feel so inadequate. Na na, what made him feel inadequate was what makes all “men” feel inadequate: they’re fundamental pièces de merde. But it’s easier and more convenient to make an excuse that elevates her and demeans himself rather than copping to any sort of culpability. Then there’s the added insult to injury that he felt insecure around “rich and important people,” as though slumming it with lower level delinquents is far more reputable.

But excuses stemmed from calling oneself the problem are shrouded in the crafty “fade out” method, allowing the “man” to gradually bow out because he’s “inferior,” when really he’s just trying to move on to a woman that doesn’t have so much “energy.”

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