Men With Braids.

Unless, like, maybe you’re Native American, wearing braids as a “man” really isn’t acceptable. In fact, it might be even less acceptable than the fashioning of a bun or the usage of a headband. What drives a “man” to 1) grow out long hair when he isn’t Brad Pitt in the 90s and 2) braid it into skeevy, unkempt wads is beyond Missing A Dick, and yet, the trend runs rampant.

As if “men” haven’t taken enough from women, now they have to take their teen girl hairstyles, too. What the fuck? Moreover, no lady, no matter what she insists out of desperation thanks to the ratio, wants to run her hands through greasy, braided hair that only reminds her she’s the more masculine one of the duo. I mean, I guess if she plans to don a strap-on because of his missing puh-neese, the braids will be useful for pulling on from behind, but other than that, it’s really quite a turn off.

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