Men Who Showcase Photos of Themselves to Prove They’ve Voted.

Angela Chase once said, “Can’t people just cheer on their own? Like to themselves?” The same goes for people voting. One can perhaps trace this fervor for proudly showcasing that one voted to the early 90s, when it suddenly became chic post-Reagan to “stand for something” (the 90s were sort of like a less intense reinvention of the 60s in terms of causes).

In any case, between “I Voted” stickers and MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign, the need for “men” to proudly display that they checked a box (not, of course, your box) has only grown stronger over the years. And what are they so damned smug about? The fact that they’re doing something requisite of being an average citizen? Who knows? All one can say is that beaming with pride over being able to post a photo from the poll station probably means one is missing a pole of his own.

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