Men Who Pay By The Minute to Work in a Coffee Shop.

Since most “men” aren’t “technically” employed these days, but merely coast on the non-judgment of being able to say they freelance while secretly living off a private reserve of cash from their generationally wealthy family, it’s only natural that many would gravitate toward the coffee shop as their office. Not only does it give them a sense of “slumming it” as an “artist,” but also delivers the illusion that they’re not as rich as they really are.

Enter the concept of pay-by-the-minute coffee shops, helmed by Glass Hour on Skillman Avenue. Rather than simply let “men” sit there and work at their leisure, on their time table, these types of establishments start out at a flat rate of six dollars for the first hour followed by ten cents for every minute thereafter. But it begs the question, if you can afford a condo or even a hovel in Williamsburg, why bother spending more to be seen paying to “work?”

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