Men Who Don’t Fathom That Slighting A Woman Will Spur a Mental Breakdown.

“Men” have many advantages over a woman. Not only do they possess the emotions of a cold, dead fish, but they can also, as a result, quickly move on from things without giving it a second thought–even wondering how and why the girl he disrespected could still be ruminating over his actions months later. Unfortunately, this makes it a cinch for them to overlook that slighting a woman is tantamount to stamping the form for her mental institution admittance.

And so, for those “men” not in the know, maybe it’s best to break it down this way: the fragility of a woman’s psyche can perhaps best be elucidated by Aileen Wuornos, who shot seven of the Floridian “men” that tried to slight her while she was simply attempting to do her job as a prostitute without them treating her like a pièce de merde. Are women “weak” for being so “sensitive” to the whims of a “man” and his inevitable need to bounce for reasons that only seem apparent to him? Missing A Dick don’t think so. It’s merely indicative that evolution has, somewhat cruelly, seen fit to keep the female heart from hardening.

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