Men Who Are Complete Toads But Still Act As Though They Can “Banter” a.k.a. Verbally Demean You.

Worse than a “man” who goes through life utterly oblivious of his dicklessness is a “man” who also comes across as blissfully unaware of how toady he is. And still worse is when said toady “man” “banters” with women a.k.a. demeans her under the guise of Hepburn/Tracy-level repartee as though this is going to charm the pants off of her (have you heard? Women wear pants now).

But, in spite of a woman’s blatant eye rollings or flat-out ignorings of the toad who thinks he has a chance, he will continue to hound her with his constant insults–what he feels is flirtation. And now that there are manifold ways with which to communicate with a woman apart from in-person verbal assault, there is nary an escape from the toad once he sticks his tongue out and catches you in his mouth like the fly he thinks you are.

Worse than Chet (Bill Paxton) actually transformed into a toad in Weird Science, the “man” toad of Williamsburg has money and, in his mind, power. Power to control, power to get what he wants. But like class, money can’t buy non-toadiness. No matter how many trips one takes to the surgeon.

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