Men Who Say, “To Quote Louis C.K…”

There are but few “men” to admire in the modern era. One supposes in the 90s, comedically speaking, it was Jerry Seinfeld that “men” enjoyed quoting and revering (and even now still, to a large extent). But now, it seems as though Louis C.K. is the underachieving hero “men” of North Brooklyn look to for comfort about their own flaccidity.

While binge watching Louie is one thing, religiously watching Louis C.K.’s standup and subsequently quoting him as though his words are scripture is altogether different. And yet, it is not ever out of the realm of possibility to overhear a “man” in the vortex of “upper” Brooklyn begin a pedantic sentence with “To quote Louis C.K., ‘Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about. I don’t care about other stuff.'”

Justifying anything through the blue collar humor and boilerplate wisdom of Louis C.K.–especially an overt lust for wealth–is Class 1 dicklessness. But then, faux self-deprecation and faux modesty are, what the Williamsburg set live for.

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