Men (Who Like Men) Who Put On Trump Art Shows.

Look, I know that, deep down, a lot of gay “men” hate women more than straight “men,” but it’s a rare breed of dicklessness to be not just a Trump supporter, but a gay, New York-based Trump supporter. Deemed “alt-right” proponents of the erstwhile real estate mogul-cum-presidential candidate (though one doubts he’s capable of cumming out of a wang so microscopic), the orchestrator of the upcoming #DaddyWillSaveUs: Make Art Great Again! art show, Lucian Wintrich, is making Williamsburg even worse.

In addition to presumably featuring some #Twinks4Trump-inspired artwork, Wintrich is also hosting other pro-Trump gay boys contributing art to the project, though one imagines there won’t be much variation in style on the walls as there are probably, at most, only four gay “men” residing in New York wiling to “create” in support of this event. Appropriately, it’s likely Martin Shkreli will be there. And so, there goes America. Williamsburg was already gone.

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