Men Who Constantly Change Their Band Name.

Once again, the only person capable of getting away with pompous behavior (pampas grass behavior, if you will) is Jordan Catalano. But even he couldn’t be held fully responsible for the constant change of his band name. It was, as usual, the accursed lead singer, Tino.

Nonetheless, lead singer or not, if a “man” is in a band (and “he” usually is when it comes to the ways of the North Brooklyn nexus), “he” should be quite wary of being part of an entity that says things such as, “I’m in this band now, Frozen Embryos” or “I’m in this band called Mystik Spiral, but we’re thinking of changing the name.”

Not only is this level of erraticness in a band an extension of the inconstancy of the band members themselves, but it’s also a testament to how non-committal “he” probably is about “his” musical style, ergo “he” will never be a success. That sort of fluke shifting in monikers and genres only managed to work for Iggy Pop.

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